Cold Fighting Green Smoothie

On my list of things working mom’s don’t have time for, colds and illnesses fits in somewhere near the top! These last couple of days a winter cold has been creeping up on my family, one sniffle at a time. So far, it has avoided the baby…. and I plan to keep it that way. That’s why I whipped up this super vitamin charged green smoothie, to help keep our bodies ward off those yucky germs and viruses kids seem to bring home from school. Green SmoothieHere’s what I used: –       A handful of broccoli heads, cut from fresh broccoli (frozen works great too!) –       Two handfuls of spinach leaves –        3 mandarin oranges (peeled) –       ½ cup of mango and pinapple chunks (I used frozen) –       1 cup of Quacker old fashioned oats –       1 cup of ice –       ½ cup of orange juice I blended together the orange juice, and vegetables first. I then added in the fruit, followed by the oats. I added the ice in last, to bring the mixture to the consistency that I wanted: WAH LA! Super vitamin C and veggie charged green smoothie! This smoothly was ablsolutley delishes. The taste of the veggies was almost completely cancelled out by the strong fruits, and the oats made the smoothie filling enough to replace a meal. My husband and 4 year old daughter both came back for seconds, and I’ve noticed far fewer sniffles and Kleenex uses than this morning! OAN: My fresh produce box from Door 2 Door Organics will be delivered Wednesday! Stay tuned for way more smoothie recipes, and a few f easily pureed baby food recipes as well! As always, thanks for reading. Comments and feedback are welcome! c644889304abd6067015ef1bf9eed825822f34e5c266e0b92a Mrs. Wright

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