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Save The Undies Kotex Sweepstakes

Girl problems… We’ve all been there. Remember in middle school when you’d keep an extra sweatshirt in your locker that you could tie around your waist in the horrific event that “that time” unexpectedly and you’d find yourself unprepared? Maybe it was just me… lol. We wore

Encouraging Learning In Overly Active Children

“It’s just that age she’s at, she’ll calm down more over the next year”. That’s the phrase I’ve been hearing from family, friends, day care instructors and activity coordinators since about the time Cyanne could walk. 5 years later, and the changes are pretty minimal. Since I’ve

Protect Peace – GiveForward

  We live in the age of sharing. When I scroll down my timeline, I see people chatting about just about anything you can imagine. Some people are posting photos of an amazing meal they just prepared, or ordered at their favorite restaurant. Some people are venting,

Keeping The Faith – Motivational Monday

It’s been a rough few days. Keeping the faith can be difficult during times like these. The excitement I felt from taking my first trip to Chicago, was quickly overshadowed only one day after my return when my Husband’s car broke down on his way to work.

Traveling Tuesday – Chicago Bound

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat and written a personal blog! I generally try to start the week out with these, as a motivational monday. The last few weeks have been hectic, however, and I’ve slacked off to the point of shame. I could let you know

32 GB iPad Mini Giveaway!

As you know, I have been partnering with all bloggers and brands all summer long, in an effort to bring you some AWESOME giveaways. In celebration of the end of the summer, I am VERY excited to announce what may be the best giveaway thus far! A

Do Your Eyes Still Sparkle?

There’s an age old saying that the eyes are the window to the soul. This saying becomes so much truer with age in my opinion.  I met a woman while out and about who was quite elderly. Regardless of her apparent age, there were two things that immediately

Encourage Reading With Personalized Ebooks

Reading is fundamental to a child’s growth. At 5, Cyanne is still excited about reading. We took it one step farther when I received the opportunity to review an awesome ebook by KD Novelties! I personally LOVE to read. My Husband, on the other hand would rather

Regain Youth With Exuviance Illumination Duo

Dry. Irritated. Overly-Sensitive. All things that could describe my math professor my freshman year of college. And, unfortunately, my skin after having my second child. At 26, I don’t FEEL old, but I’m definitely noticing a difference in my skin. The fresh and vibrant, maintenance free up