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Renewing Faith – Motivational Monday

It’s Monday again!!!! I’m feeling pretty awesome this Monday morning. It’s been while since I’ve posted a Motivational Monday and I HAVE to get better at that. You don’t realize exactly how busy Mondays are until you commit to doing a blog post each and every one

Discovering Our Sleepnumber

As a member of Smiley 360, my most recent mission was to visit a Sleepnumber store and learn more about the Sleepnumber IQ. My family and I decided to stop by one today after church, and check it out. My Husband and I visited a Sleepnumber store

Save The Undies Kotex Sweepstakes

Girl problems… We’ve all been there. Remember in middle school when you’d keep an extra sweatshirt in your locker that you could tie around your waist in the horrific event that “that time” unexpectedly and you’d find yourself unprepared? Maybe it was just me… lol. We wore

Encouraging Learning In Overly Active Children

“It’s just that age she’s at, she’ll calm down more over the next year”. That’s the phrase I’ve been hearing from family, friends, day care instructors and activity coordinators since about the time Cyanne could walk. 5 years later, and the changes are pretty minimal. Since I’ve

Protect Peace – GiveForward

  We live in the age of sharing. When I scroll down my timeline, I see people chatting about just about anything you can imagine. Some people are posting photos of an amazing meal they just prepared, or ordered at their favorite restaurant. Some people are venting,