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The Journey To Using Essential Oils

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive compensation, in exchange for this post. I am also not a certified aromatherapist. All details and statements are based on my own experience. Please consult a licensed aromatherapist or doctor if you have specific questions regarding the

Why I Stopped Writing

Let me start by setting the tone for this post, so as not to bait and switch. To set the record straight, I am technically still writing (as this post itself is a testament of). My blog is still running, and I plan on continuing to write.

Renewing Faith – Motivational Monday

It’s Monday again!!!! I’m feeling pretty awesome this Monday morning. It’s been while since I’ve posted a Motivational Monday and I HAVE to get better at that. You don’t realize exactly how busy Mondays are until you commit to doing a blog post each and every one

Discovering Our Sleepnumber

As a member of Smiley 360, my most recent mission was to visit a Sleepnumber store and learn more about the Sleepnumber IQ. My family and I decided to stop by one today after church, and check it out. My Husband and I visited a Sleepnumber store