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Tipping The Weight loss Scale

If you’ve read any of my recent motivational monday post, you know weight loss is a big goal for me right now. You also likely caught be bitchin gently noting, that the pounds weren’t dropping of as quickly as I would like to. I could see my body

32 GB iPad Mini Giveaway!

As you know, I have been partnering with all bloggers and brands all summer long, in an effort to bring you some AWESOME giveaways. In celebration of the end of the summer, I am VERY excited to announce what may be the best giveaway thus far! A

Do Your Eyes Still Sparkle?

There’s an age old saying that the eyes are the window to the soul. This saying becomes so much truer with age in my opinion.  I met a woman while out and about who was quite elderly. Regardless of her apparent age, there were two things that immediately

Encourage Reading With Personalized Ebooks

Reading is fundamental to a child’s growth. At 5, Cyanne is still excited about reading. We took it one step farther when I received the opportunity to review an awesome ebook by KD Novelties! I personally LOVE to read. My Husband, on the other hand would rather

Regain Youth With Exuviance Illumination Duo

Dry. Irritated. Overly-Sensitive. All things that could describe my math professor my freshman year of college. And, unfortunately, my skin after having my second child. At 26, I don’t FEEL old, but I’m definitely noticing a difference in my skin. The fresh and vibrant, maintenance free up

Fresher Skin With Mia Mariu

Babies change everything. Really, they do. Especially when it comes to skin. When I was pregnant with Cyanne, over 5 years ago, I quickly learned that the changes to my body didn’t stop with weight in figure. My once perfectly clear, sensitive skin began to break out

Be A Traveler: Motivational Monday

Have you ever just felt good all the way to your soul? That’s how I feel this morning. Last week seemed long and hectic. We had a lemonade stand, meet the teacher night, a trip to the American Girl store, the first official day of Kindergarten AND

Building Confidence with American Girl

Self image is everything. So many beautiful people in this world find themselves unhappy, and unsatisfied due to the image they hold of themselves. It’s a sad, but true, reality in the society that we live in. This holds especially true for women. From the time we

Growing Wings: Motivational Monday

It’s that time when I sit down and begin my first post to you for the week. I call it “Motivational Monday” but it’s actually much more to me. It’s a time to reflect. Self reflection, and reflection of the things around me. It’s also about accountability. I

IdealShape Review + Giveaway

If you’ve been following along on the blog, you know that I have been focusing on getting healthy and fit this summer. After having a baby 11 months ago, I am ready to feel comfortable in my own skin again! I’ve been working out at the gym